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14 November 2023
TopRail Experiences: Connecting the world through extraordinary rail journeys – the Costa degli Dei
Discover the enchanting Costa degli Dei (Coast of the Gods) with Trenitalia
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24 October 2023
Night Trains working group and TopRail convene in Vienna
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19 October 2023
TopRail Experiences: Connecting the world through extraordinary rail journeys – the Semmering Line
Discover the majestic Semmering Line with ÖBB
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15 September 2023
Celebrate Europe’s rich railway heritage with SNCF’s special events
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24 July 2023
TopRail experiences: Connecting the world through extraordinary rail journeys – Lake Balaton
August proposal: Explore the beauty of Lake Balaton with MÁV-START
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6 July 2023
TopRail Experiences: Connecting the World through Extraordinary Rail Journeys
July proposal: Vall de Nuria FGC Rack Railway (off the beaten track near Barcelona)
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28 June 2023
TopRail (Rail Tourism group of experts) meeting at UIC headquarters
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26 January 2023
TopRail meeting and Fitur visit held in Madrid
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26 October 2022
28 October 2022: The “Rail Attractiveness for Young Generations” Workshop
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31 August 2022
The Cool Rail Project Video Competition: the challenge is still open until 2 October
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28 June 2022
The Cool Rail Project - Video Competition
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8 June 2022
TopRail meeting held in person in Paris on 11 May 2022
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29 April 2022
UIC TopRail participates in the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism’s Tourism Task Force
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18 November 2021
TopRail ‘Music and trains bring people together’ video played in Shinjuku station
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2 November 2021
Third TopRail RailtoLand Forum held online on 26 October
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26 October 2021
Announcement of the winner of the TopRail ‘My Secret Rail Spots’ photo contest
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11 October 2021
UIC TopRail meeting held online on 27 September
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27 September 2021
UIC is pleased to release “Music and trains bring people together”, a UIC TopRail group initiative for the European Year of Rail 2021
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9 September 2021
My Secret Rail Spots: voting for the UIC TopRail photo competition is now open! Vote for your favourite photo by 11 October
Inspiring the world to enjoy sustainable tourism on rail
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6 September 2021
Save the date: third TopRail online forum to be held on 26 October