Safety Database

The UIC Safety database is an Internet application which can be used from any computer with access to the Internet. The main purpose of the of the database is to serve as an international railway safety database.

The application enables users to enter events on railway accidents / incidents, search for information and compile various statistics. The information stored in the database will be used to:

  • provide feedback and exchange information promptly
  • prepare safety cases
  • draw up statistics
  • determine the railways position in relation to other transport modes and for:
  • risk assessments and
  • proactive safety management

The goal of the UIC Safety Database is to collect and distribute information on railway accidents to allow permanent monitoring of railway safety, benchmarking and analysis of trends and follow up actions for UIC members. Database reports are obtained in accordance with ERA definitions and EU directives.

More than 20 000 significant accidents from 20 european countries are described in the Safety Database. SDB also registers the total number of critical events, suicides and attempt of suicide.

The SDB application and website maintenance is an ongoing activity during the whole year.

Public reports

A public report on accidents is produced every year.


Olivier Georger, Safety Database Manager

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