Friday 30 June 2023

Highlights from the Retail and Commercial Affairs Working Group meeting on 20 June in Madrid, Spain

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The Global Passenger Forum’s Station Managers Global Group (SMGG) successfully conducted its Retail and Commercial Affairs Working Group meeting on 20 and 21 June 2023. Held at the prestigious Fundación de Ferrocarriles Españoles in Madrid, the event brought together representatives from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. The meeting was chaired by Carlos Garcia Casado from ADIF and co-chaired by Roberta Di Martino from RFI.

The two-day meeting commenced with an open discussion on the increasingly significant role of the Retail and Commercial Affairs group in the station sector, led by the chair. Sergio from ADIF then provided an informative presentation about the company, setting the stage for an engaging and productive discussion.

Morten from DSB, the Danish rail company, presented updates on their ongoing projects, including unstaffed shops, coworking spaces with a franchise model, and their partnership with a publicist. These updates sparked intriguing conversations among the attendees.

ADIF’s implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was a significant highlight. The group examined the progress made by ADIF and deliberated on the future course of this theme.

Carlos from ADIF led an engaging session on the multi-store concept. The success of Vigo Station as a centre of commercial activity with no investment from ADIF was an intriguing business model for other members.

Car parking management, hybrid and multi-brand stores, and pop-up stores were among the other vital topics of discussion. Members from RFI and SNCF provided valuable insights on these subjects, fostering insightful discussions among the participants.

The meeting resulted in important decisions, including assigning surveys to gather insights on vending machines and pop-up stores. Updates and presentations on service stores and funding aspects were also planned. The group expressed enthusiasm for future ad hoc meetings, indicating a commitment to ongoing collaboration and improvement within the industry.

The second day of the event commenced with a technical visit to Chamartín station, offering participants an opportunity to explore the station and concourse. This was followed by a presentation on the winning Chamartín project, entitled “Chamartín, Ecosistema Abierto New Chamartín Clara Campoamor Railway Station”. The session provided valuable insights into innovative railway station design and functionality.
UIC expressed its gratitude to all the participants from the SMGG network for their valuable collaboration and for sharing knowledge and information across national boundaries, ultimately contributing to the improvement of railway stations.

The next SMGG Retail & Commercial Affairs WG meeting is scheduled for 10 October via TEAMS. The railway industry eagerly awaits further developments and innovations to enhance the retail and commercial aspects of railway stations, benefiting passengers and stakeholders alike.

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Roberta Di Martino (RFI), Alessandra De Santis (RFI), Bertille Hannebicque (SNCF), Fredrik Elfven (Jernhusen), Bart Buermans (NMBS/SNCB), Nicolas Bohain (NMBS/SNCB), Thea HOFFMEISTER (DB), Mailin GERLACH (DB), Morten HECHMANN (DSB), Sohini Basu (UIC), Clément Gautier (UIC), Carlos GARCIA CASADO (ADIF), Sergio Lozano (ADIF) Discussing the meeting topics
Mr Lozano introducing ADIF infrastructure technicalities and liberalisation. He also spoke about outsourcing expertise to the Haramain project, Saudi Arabia
Technical visit to Chamartín station. This picture was taken at the recently renovated station premises at -1 level. Here the intermodality aspect with metro connectivity is visible.
During the technical visit at Chamartín station we observed the passenger footfall, retail space, and ongoing upgrading work.
A presentation on the future development of Chamartín station as the central retail and commercial space in the city. Urban planning is centred around this station.