Monday 9 January 2023

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia visits UIC

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12 delegates from the Malaysian Ministry of Transport (MOT), the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Technology Depository Agency (TDA), the Railway Asset Corporation (RAC), and the Malaysian Railway (KTMB), the latter two being UIC members, visited UIC on 25 November 2022. They discussed UIC’s international work with Lucie Anderton, Head of the UIC Sustainability Unit, and Inchul Beom, UIC Senior Advisor for Institutional Relations.

The aim of the visit was for the delegates to gain a deeper understanding into how UIC is organised, and how it supports modernisation, sustainable development, digitalisation, and human development in the railway sector.

Anderton presented different UIC activities such as platforms for dialogue, and information on specifications, reports, training programmes, conferences, working groups, and joint projects for shared development among the UIC members. She especially emphasised UIC’s 2030 vision, best practices in renewable energy, the Unit’s main publications, and the success of various climate change conferences.

Beom shared how the UIC-KORAIL 2022 training session went with the topic of “Railway’s role and national support against Covid-19”, and was held from 31 October to 4 November in Korea, as part of a series which has been running since 2009, in the framework of IRaTCA (the International Railway Training Centre for UIC Asia). He also highlighted the UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly’s role in contributing to railway development in the region.

The Malaysian Railway (KTMB) was one of the main participants in the 2022 training session, but has also participated in previous events, such as the UIC-KORAIL training session 2019 in Seoul, entitled “Public Service Obligations”. KMTB’s representative said to the delegates that the training session was highly informative and helpful and that he had shared what he learnt with his colleagues at KTMB.

Dato Razali Bin Mohamad (MOT Deputy Secretary General) also said that the talks with UIC were a valuable opportunity to find out more about UIC activities and that he would lead an internal discussion on further opportunities to work together.

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