Human factors

Human Factors working group

Chaired by Via (Rail Canada) since January 2023


This group aims to foster cooperation on the human factor (HF) and behavioural aspects of railway security, such as social prevention techniques, behavioural nudges, public awareness, education and training.

The ultimate goal is to provide actionable recommendations and tools to develop and maintain a security culture in which all the involved parties (railway organisations, railway staff and railway customers) contribute to a secure environment.

Group members are expected to share experiences and practices on a variety of security topics in which human cognition, emotion and behaviour are key

Work Program

The group conducts activities which focus on the Human component in the security chain, in line with the topics proposed by the members. These activities support the other working groups within the UIC Security Platform or other UIC departments or regions upon request, in case Human Factor insights are needed.For example:

  • Analyse how technological measures are adapted to the human factor needs, study the user design / experience of specific technologies (potential synergies with the Security Technology WG);
  • Support provided to victims and their relatives in case of a security incident as part of crisis management and communication (potential synergies with the Security Crisis Management WG);
  • Support HF aspects of passengers security such as station environment, security by design, Crime Prevention Though Environmental Design (CPTED) principles (potential synergies with the Passengers SMGG);
  • Support topics at the boundary between security and safety such as trespassing behaviour (potential synergies with the Security SIA WG or Safety TreSP WG);
  • Cooperate transversally with RAILPOL, Colpofer, UITP on common topics of interest;
  • Update the HF measures from the Rail Security Hub and the Training Awareness and Communication Toolbox (TACT).

In addition, the group could support the relevant research projects where the UIC Security Division is involved, for example IMPRESS and CYRUS which are dealing with awareness and training in rail security.

How to join the Working Group

If you are a member of UIC and you want to join the working group, please contact

Key results

TACT solutions featured in the Rail Security Hub (

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