IT working group

Train operations require data flow services, this working group leverages and further develops UIC assets to facilitate efficient data exchange.

UIC efforts and activities undertaken in this work group lead to a seamless and interoperable data exchange between supply chain partners, making it easier to create new partnerships and maintain the current ones without the need of regular interface customization.

The following areas are being regularly analysed for prototype-to-production development:

  • Customer Management (information necessary for Customer APIs and digital services)
  • Asset Management
  • Operations (including RU-IM collaboration)
  • RU-RU collaboration

The work group structure also encompasses ecosystem watch of numerous EU level activities to ensure UIC assets are aligned with evolving legislation, the sector’s requirements are positioned where necessary, and to avoid double work and have a clear understanding of the roles of various stakeholders involved in end-to-end rail transportation.

IT group focuses on the priority areas for Rail Freight by steering the development of key UIC Coding assets:

  • NHM (commodity coding used in Consignment Notes, used for operations and tariffication)
  • DIUM (Uniform Distance Table for International Freight Traffic) Border Point Coding (unique identification of border points between national and/or Infrastructure borders to be used in consignment note and TCM data).

UIC Contact

For any further information please contact: Parinaz Bazeghi

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Wednesday 19 October 2022